Sylvia Kay Jewelry

Thank you so much!


Finally, my jewelry is public, visible – I am so excited!

Of course my first blog entry is all about thanking the dear friends who helped me over the past year to reach this point.

First I like to thank Ines Kuhn, who I had the pleasure of working with for the past 5 years. She is one of the owners of unitOne, the creative company I had the pleasure of working with for the past 5 years. Ines has not only introduced me to jewelry making and supported me all along, she also designed this lovely website! Thank you Ines!

Next I like to thank Nick Wrightsman of APEX Internet Partners. I am working with him for several years and I must say I never met someone more talented, integer, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with! Thank you Nick!

And then Tonya Knight, who also works at unitOne, and Kelly Sanford. Both are talented photographers who’s pictures you see on all pages. Thank you so very much.

Thanks of course to my teachers, Kristen Wilder, Judy Parady and Hans Hoerstebrock – thank you for your patience, your advise, wonderful conversations and your encouragement!

Also thanks, Sylvia Cross of Sycamore Place Gallery, who hosted my very first jewelry show last December.

And Judy Raiford of Raiford Gallery, who took the chance of putting my first jewelry pieces in her store – thank you so much for your trust in my work!

Of course there are many more friends as well as my family that continuously encourage me in my artistry adventure! You know who you are, I cannot thank enough for your support, your expert advise and encouragement!

So with that being said, off I go, discovering new adventures, new skills and talents I never thought I had :-)

See you at the next show!